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Did Toronto FC go to the Moon for Training Camp?

Feb 25, 2011

If Toronto FC is actually having their pre season training camp on the moon, I certainly hope that a couple of soccer reporters are on the space shuttle Discovery that launched yesterday so that they can hijack the flight and go check out the TFC training camp and give us a report. Despite outdrawing the Toronto Blue Jays on most summer nights in Toronto last season, I've seen absolutely nothing on their pre-season training camp and pre season game in today's Toronto Sun newspaper. Hence I assume they must have gone to a place far far away to train. Maybe the moon!

So, in order to find out what's happening to the team and their exciting new coaching staff and new signings, whoever they are, I'd thought I'd go check out The FAN590 all sports radio to see if they have played lately. And in keeping with soccer reporting on radio, the news was non-existent. The Leafs, being close to a play-off spot for the first time in, …I can't remember how long, are receiving most of the attention on radio, and rightly so, but they continue to offer reports and interviews from the Toronto Blue Jays at their training camp in Florida. Unfortunately, there is virtually no such reporting on soccer and TFC.

I know, I know, The Fan590 shares the same owners as the Blue Jay's so you'd expect them to report on their own team, but some reporting of TFC should be in order, especially since they are broadcasting their games wouldn't you think? As a season ticket holder and the other 20,000 fans that have sold out TFC games for 4 years in a row, I think we deserve more from our sports stations and sports editors. Why should the Blue Jays get 2 full pages in The Toronto SUN and TFC nothing? I believe TFC actually played a pre season game last night in Orlando. Why not have the Blue Jay reporter drive down the road and cover our TFC team? It's like a slap in the face to dedicated soccer fans of TFC.

I can understand the coverage for soccer in the past when more soccer moms showed up to an 8-year olds soccer game than our former pro teams drew to their games, but good heavens, we're selling out the stadium every time now. And to boot, our season starts about 2 weeks before the Jays. Soccer fans deserve better.

And let's not even talk about the Canadian team. Our U17 boys team, lead by coach, Sean Fleming, has qualified for the U17 boys World Cup. That's a huge accomplishment for soccer in Canada. It's much bigger on the world stage than the junior hockey championships, yet not even a mention was given on radio or in the Toronto Sun. Also, our women's national team is playing in a tournament in Cyprus that starts in less than a week to prepare them for the World Cup where our team will kick off the tournament against host Germany in what will likely be the biggest audience for a Canadian female athlete ever! Can someone on sports radio (outside of Bobby and Nigel in their one hour soccer show on The Fan590) talk about this team just so we know who's on the team?

Soccer fans need to stand up and complain about the coverage. Or do what I did; cancel my subscription to newspapers that don't give the game its fair share. I did so with the National Post because their coverage was horrible last summer. And, I'm glad I didn't accept that offer over the phone recently to subscribe to the Toronto SUN. Not only is that out of the question until things improve, but the ad I was thinking of placing there for my business is now out of the question as well. There you go, I said my bit. I feel better now. If you agree, complete the survey below and help us create a list to send out to some media editors to complain about their soccer coverage.

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John DeBenedictis


And if you want to read some more startling information about soccer coverage read BIG FAT ZERO. You'll be appalled at some of the statistics for Feb 25th and 26th!


In the last few days, soccer coverage in Canada's biggest market by some of the city's biggest news sources has been nothing short of disrespectful to soccer fans. Here are some facts:

Toronto FC is in the middle of its training camp and they are currently in an MLS tournament in Orlando, Florida. Prior to that, they were in Turkey for a training camp. Their first regular season game is March 19th, 2011 against expansion team Vancouver Whitecaps.

The Canadian National U17 boy's team is in a World Cup qualifying tournament which ends on Feb 27th.

The Canadian Women's National team is heading to Cyprus for a pre-World Cup tournament on March 2nd.

The Toronto Blue Jays recently started their spring training camp and their first regular season game is Friday April 1st.


The Toronto Sun provided this type of coverage for soccer in the past 2 days.


Fri Feb 25th:

Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL: 8 pages

Toronto Raptors and NBA: 3 pages

World Cup Cricket: 1 page

Soccer: 1/10th page (nothing on TFC)

Golf: 1/5th page

Toronto Argos and CFL: 2 pages

National Football League: 2 pages

Toronto Blue Jays and MLB: 3 pages

Curling: ½ page

NSCAR: 1 page

Boxing: 1 page

General Statistics: 2 pages



Sat Feb 26th:

Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL: 9 pages

Toronto Raptors and NBA: 3 pages

Toronto Rock lacrosse: ½ page

Toronto Blue Jays and MLB: 2 1/4 pages

Golf: 3/4 page

Curling: 1 page

Toronto Argos and CFL: 2 pages

National Football League: 2 pages

NSCAR: 1 page

World Cup Cricket: 1 page

UFC: 3 pages

General Statistics: 2 pages


You read that correctly: Soccer got a big fat ZERO in coverage on Feb 26th . Is that fair?


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