Friday, 19 January 2018

Read below for more on this new shoe technology (FIFA Approved)


Concave Inc has patented and developed the most revolutionary soccer shoe in the last decade. It's so revolutionary due to its unique design, that the inventor had to check with FIFA to make sure it would be legal. The shoe would seem to give an unfair advantage to players that wear it and become the goalkeeper's worst nightmare. The shoe gives players more power and accuracy in their shot. This shoe will become so popular that Nike and others are worried and have already tried imitating it.

Concave president Jim Grimes said, "some of Nike's early designs have had recent patent applications submitted that are moving towards design's that infringe on Concave's global patents. While Concave is flattered that the bigger brands recognize the importance of power and accuracy of striking a ball, they have been advised that we will defend those patents aggressively."

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