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Grab this 2022-23 Topps Match Attax Extra Champions League Cards Box!

Match Attax continues with the 2022-23 Topps Match Attax Extra Champions League Cards Box and collection featuring the world’s biggest superstars from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League.


Match Attax Extra returns and is packed full of all your favourite subsets plus new and exciting card categories for 2023.

With 297 cards to collect look out for Squad Updates, 100 Club, Starburst, MOTM Heritage, Crystal Blue and Green Emerald Parallels, Out of this World Flourescent Foils, Performance cards, Headline Heros, Engraved Ultimated Limited Edition cards plus much more. Black Edge cards return alongside new Chrome X cards plus Chrome X parallels. Lucky Booster Tins contains UCL Debutant Memento relic cards and lucky Mega Tins feature player worn jersey/boot relic cards. Will you be fortunate enough to find an ultra-rare Autograph card inside lucky packets or perhaps one of the mega ultra-rare Autograph combo cards?

2022-23 TOPPS Match Attax EXTRA Champions League Trading Card Pack

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