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Bundesliga BRILLANT APS 2022/23 Official Match Ball

Top flight match ball. FIFA Approved.

Weight between 420-440 grams. Circumference approximately 68-69 cm.

Shiny high-tech PU microfiber with diamond texture providing optimal control and maximum longevity.

Extremely soft ball contact. Precise flight and lively bounce behaviour.

Optimum aerodynamic properties and sustainable roundness through the cut of 32 panels.

Hand sewn in conjunction with seam sealing technology for extra flexibility and durable seams.

Natural latex zero-wing bladder for an optimal round shape and lively bounce behaviour.

Durable with cold conditions. Extreme waterproof.

Suitable for very frequent usage.

Suitable for all surfaces.

Bundesliga BRILLANT APS 2022/23 Official Match Ball

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