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James McCreath's thrillingnovel 'Renaldo,' tells the saga of three generations of the De Seta family of Buenos Aires. From the sweeping plains of the Pampas to the corridors of power in the capital city, the story follows young soccer prodigy Renaldo De Seta as he strives to make Argentina's 1978 World Cup team. As a result of saving the life of wealthy lawyer Astor Gordero, Renaldo is brought into the web of intrigue spun by the most influential man in Argentina. He is given a tryout with the national soccer team, and meets his future love interest, Simone Yvonne Montanna Carta Aqua. 'Symca,' as she is known, is the nation's number one pop singing sensation, and a client of Astor Gordero. At the same time, Renaldo's older brother, Lonfranco, has come under the erotic spell of a Montonero terrorist posing as a university tutorial instructor. Lonfranco casts aside his 'Gucci' lifestyle to follow his lover into a vastly different and dangerous phase of his life.


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