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Energy from within. This entry-level glove with removable finger protection features tacky German latex along with a ribbed backhand to transfer energy when punching the ball, while maximizing dexterity and comfort. Tight-fitting, the Sly is the perfect glove for young players who want a solid mix of protection and performance.

GRIP: 3.5mm New Basic German premium latex
CUT: Negative roll palm cut with roll thumb
SPINES: 5-finger (removable)

*Detailed Product Description Below*







Features 5 built-in (removable) plastic finger spines to reduce the risk of injury and protect fingers from jamming and bending backward. Full wrist wrap provides added comfort and security.

Engineered with 3mm of impact-absorbing foam padding for extreme palm protection and 3.5mm of high-grade Storelli New Basic German premium latex and moulded punch zones for advanced ball control.


Negative roll palm cut with roll thumbs (extra latex thumb wrapping) provides superior, tacky ball grip, while ergonomic palms provide enhanced flexibility. Maximizes performance for competitive goalkeepers.

Tight fit with neoprene backhand panels ensure maximum comfort for a dry performance in all conditions.

Breathable glove bag included.

Storelli Silencer Sly Glove

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