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Nike Jr. Phantom GX 2 Club
Little/Big Kids' TF Soccer Shoes
You’ve found the net, whether you set up a pal with a great pass or made a fantastic move. Now, go score. These no-tie shoes have a sticky texture where you kick the ball the hardest. That way you have control of your shot when the net is in range. We created it with goals in mind.

Amplified Touch
The upper is made of softer material compared to the Phantom GX. Integrated texture covers the striking area of the shoe, stretching from the big-toe side of the shoe all the way across the laces to the pinky toe, allowing clean boot-to-ball kicks.
Reliable Traction
A generative texture outsole gives you traction on turf surfaces.

 More Details 

For use on shorter, synthetic surfaces

Cushioned insole


Nike Jr. Phantom GX 2 Club TF

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