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This design is a footprint of our team and where the players, coaches, their parents and grandparents came from. Unique to our team and because we live in Canada, it's probably one of the most diverse of any team on the planet.


The inside of the circle, the Canadian flag, is where we now live and play. The outer circle represents where, except for Canada, our players and their parents were born. The top few flags on either side of the outer circle represents where our players and coaches were born if they were not born in Canada. The mid to lower part of the outer circle represents where the players' parents were born. The inner circle represents where the players' grandparents were born.


There cannot be two flags of any country in the design so it goes to say that if the player, parents, and/or grandparents were born in the same country, only one flag is in the design.


Out of 19 players and 2 coaches, 25 countries are represented in OUR team.

Pickering U16B, Our Country T-Shirt - © 2019

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