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PALM: exclusive, abrasion-resistant SOFT GRAPHIT latex BACKHAND: 3D-embossed EVA CUT: classic cut BODY GLOVE: comfortable PU FASTENING: short EVA strap with namefi eld and v-notch entry DESIGN: unique ELIMINATOR-design

  • integrated SUPPORTFRAME-element for improved catching properties thanks to extra fi nger stabilisation
  • SOFT GRAPHIT latex:
  • higher density latex foam with graphite additives
  • thickness: 3mm plus additional lamination
  • suitable for hard surfaces and artifi cial grass Pitches

Material 40% Latex, 8% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 16% PU, 16% EVA, 16% TPU

Uhlsport Eliminator Soft Graphit SF

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