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Toronto FC’s 2019 home shirt may have leaked A simple new look for the Reds, perhaps.

If you are like the rest of the Toronto FC fanbase and losing your mind over Lucas Janson and Tim Bezbatchenko, this will either improve your day or ruin it even more, depending on whether or not you like the jersey in the image below.

After the New England Revolution revealed their new kit at exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve, other fans around the league have been navigating the web in search of their new threads, and one Toronto FC fan appears to have found the new 2019 TFC home shirt.

The jersey is a solid red kit, without the darker horizontal stripes that were on the kit last season. The sleeves and collar are also red, replacing the grey ones seen previously. The biggest change, however, is the addition of a button to the collar.

After doing a little more digging, I came across this website that is already selling the new shirt, likely unintentionally, as the club hasn’t yet revealed it. They probably don’t know that they have released it, or don’t know that they aren’t supposed to have it up.

Personally, I’m a fan of the shirt, as I think the design is simple, yet classy. I am a huge fan of the Bayern Munich and Everton shirts that use the buttoned collars, so I like that Toronto is using it, but I am also left wanting more from it.

I do like the simplicity of it, but I think it might be too simple. The previous kit had those horizontal stripes, which were noticeable but they weren’t painful to look at. Another popular kit, the 2012 TFC home kit, had the maple leaf on the front.

Unobtrusive accents of some sort would have made the kit a bit more interesting, but overall, the kit is pretty clean.

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