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When METROSPORT- The Soccer Store started the business back in 1981 as JMT Soccer & Sports, one of it's very first customers was Tony LaFerrara. He needed uniforms for the soccer team he coached at the time. He also played with the Monteleon Oldtimers and needed shoes and shin pads and came to JMT for his equipment.

Over the years, Tony has coached for Scarboro Azzurri/Blues, Seneca College, the Pickering Soccer Club and now with the Whitby Soccer Club. And there have been many more teams in between.

LaFerrara has been instrumental in developing and producing some of Canada's top players. The list of players he's touched and helped along the way is endless but Paul Peschisolido would probably be the player who most people would know. Paul played for Canada and in England with Sheffield United, Birmingham City, West Bromwich Albion, Fullham, and Derby County.

People who know Tony always say that he's very passionate about the game and cares about the athletes he works with. He puts players first. This passion and emotion carriers over into his everyday life which includes cooking.

Not very many people outside of his family knew that he has some pretty good cooking skills and on a dare from his grand daughter, decided to apply for Master Chef Canada. After various interviews and cooking tests, Tony got selected for the show and is in the top 18 in Canada.

Just like when on the field coaching, Tony brings his passion and emotions to the kitchen. In fact, he steals the show right off the bat as the oldest contestant. Check him out on Master Chef Canada on CTV or on demand.

Way to go Tony!



Who would have thought that METROSPORT- The Soccer Store would have ended up in a best selling Hockey Book?

I suppose that when you have been around a while, anything can happen. In this case, one of our former employees, who is an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan, has written a book about his favourite team. We provided him with one of his first jobs just in time to help him fund his education.

One of his first projects at METROSPORT was putting names and stop signs on the back of Hockey Jerseys. Yes, METROSPORT sells more than just soccer. If you need uniforms for any sport or even apparel for your company, we can help.

But Steve was one of those kids who did not just sit at home playing video games. As a passionate Leaf's fan, he decided to express his opinion on his favourite team by shooting small video's of himself talking about his beloved Leafs after every game. He spent hours editing them and getting them up on You Tube.

His unique perspective always offered sincere thoughts that were hard to argue with. And he was always funny and entertaining. He gathered quite a following and had many subscribers to his You Tube Channel. This helped him get accepted to Ryerson's esteemed Radio and Television Program.

After graduating, Steve continued his Maple Leaf's videos and ended up getting work with Sportsnet to work on their Maple Leaf's page of their Website. Gradually Steve got more and more air time and now you will find him on Sportnet Radio and on TV as well as in a number of TV commercials.

We're proud of all our ex-employees, many of whom often get their first job with us. Check out some of our alumni by

visiting We have a lot more former employees to follow up on and if you're one of them, please contact us. In the meantime...

Way to go Steve!

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